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A company in Olivedale that encourages feral cats

Dear fellow Animal lovers,

I would like to share a feel-good story with you in this world where we deal with all sorts of animal cruelty & neglect everyday.

This morning I went to see a consulting engineer (GMH) at his office in Olivedale. I arrived 10min early and while waiting in my car at 06h30 this morning my eye caught little cat feet and a tail inside the parking garage. They were obviously playing in the first morning sunrays and were also obviously ferals in the business park.

In the middle of our meeting I looked up and in strolled a cat, and another and another. The engineer looked up and said please don't mind the cats. They are our ferals. They even call one "The Inspector" as he strolls in and goes and lie on the drawing plans. They are all sterilized and the company employees encourage the cats inside the office building by placing snug cat baskets in the offices and there are toys dangling from office furniture everywhere.

This just made my day to know there are lots of good people out there displaying some kindness to our ferals.


Madeleine Minnaar


Page updated on August 6, 2011